We Specialize in:

  • DJ Events
  • Wedding Party
  • Birthday Party
  • New Year Party
  • Corporate Party
  • Valentine’s Day Party

About Us

This is DjD and I am based in Montreal. I was born in Karachi and therefore the Indian and Punjabi Bhangra is my primary school education. What I mastered on top of that is something that makes me unique and why you should consider hiring us for your next event. It’s called Fuzion!

Montreal is a multi-cultural society and with the recent shift in demographics, more and more people are leaning towards the Fuzion form of music. I love it when I have a mix of English, Indian, Punjabi, French and Arabic folks on the dance floor. We have done a number of Indian Weddings & Punjabi Weddings and finding a cultural mix on the dance floor is becoming a norm!

Apart from entertainment events like Wedding, Birthday and Sweet 16 we also specialize as a Corporate Dj. Being a Corporate Event Dj is not as simple as a plug & play event as it usually requires more contribution prior to the event. We have expertise and experience we can share and bring more life to your Corporate Event.