About Us

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We Specialize in:

  • Birthday Party
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Christmas Party
  • New Year Party
  • Corporate Party
  • Pakistani Dj

Based in Montreal, we are the master of “Fuzion”. We have been deejaying for the past six years and seen a steady shift of demographics in the city. Majority of Indian Weddings & Punjabi Weddings attract a cultural mix on the dance floor which has led to the popularity of Fuzion form of music. It is essentially a mix between Indian Dj music, Punjabi Bhangra and EDM in a fashion smooth enough to satisfy majority of the culturally diverse dance floor.

Apart from entertainment events like Wedding Dj, Birthday and Sweet 16 we also specialize as a Corporate Dj. Being a Corporate Event Dj requires more contribution prior to the event and we are happy to share our expertise and experience to bring more life to your Corporate Event.

DjD: 514-743-5275
PapaQ: 514-994-7897