Popularity of Fusion Music in Canada

Popularity of Fusion Music in Canada

Popularity of Fusion Music in Canada

Canada is a diverse society and people from across the world migrate here for a better and brighter future. Winds of the north do give new immigrants second thoughts but usually, it is too late for that!

The biggest immigrant chunk comes from South Asia and according to a recent survey more than half of the Canadian immigrants are Indian Punjabi’s and Pakistanis. This makes the culture of Canada more diverse and vibrant.

I am a wedding DJ in Montreal performing for Indian, Punjabi’s and Pakistani DJ audiences among others. With so many immigrants becoming part of the business and corporate community it is common to see a mix of cultural backgrounds at Indian and English weddings alike. Inter-cultural marriages magnify such gatherings and in fact, we have done so many mix weddings in Montreal that this has become a Unique Selling Proposition for DjD!

Trends Of Fuzion Music

This trend has given birth to the fusion form of music. Without a doubt, music is one of the most important elements at a party whether it is a birthday, sweet 16 or a wedding. As a wedding DJ, we have to ensure we keep the majority of the audience happy on the dance floor.

Fusion is actually a mix of genres that are not traditionally played together. Imagine having to switch between hip hop music with fast bhangra tunes. A very delicate balance has to be maintained and an expert DJ would know how to mix the tunes in a way that it does not sound awkward and the crowd follows the mix.

If you are in a situation where you expect a cultural mix at an event and are looking for a Wedding DJ or Birthday DJ, you may want to choose very carefully. From an entertainment perspective, this becomes a strategic decision!

Keep smiling and keep rocking ????

The author is a DJ operating in Montreal as DjD and specializes in the Fusion form of music. Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, EDM, Bollywood DJ music, Indian, Pakistani DJ, Punjabi DJ and Bhangra DJ music is their forte. They also perform as Corporate Dj & Private Party Dj.

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