Birthday Party ideas are hard to come primarily due to the fact that there are so many! I think if you google this phrase ‘Birthday Party ideas’ or ‘Birthday Party’ you will probably have one of the top hits on google search …. endless results ranging from kid’s Birthday Party ideas to Birthday Party Games and Themes.
The Office Christmas Party is an event where organisations big and small spend a lot of time and money. It is a great opportunity for the employer to give something back to their hard-working employees on a voluntary basis.
Last year, we were playing at an Indian Wedding Dj party when a very angry groom walked up to the Dj booth and said ‘Hey why do I hear so much Drake & Cardi B when I clearly asked you to stick to Hip Hop on the dance floor! Could we have some Daddy Yankee & David Guetta please!!
During the uncertain COVID times we see more and more consumers struggling with inadequate cancelation policies of businesses, big and small alike.
A sweet sixteen is a coming of age party celebrating a teenager's 16th birthday, a very important age milestone for young teens. It is mainly celebrated in the United States and Canada and the main purpose of the party is to celebrate the person becoming "older" and entering a different stage of their life. First Driver’s license, paid jobs, endless possibilities … wow!!
I want to be the best wedding Dj in Montreal so what do I need to do? The thing is the procurement of equipment that’s doesn’t break your bank.
Canada is a diverse society where Popularity of Fusion Music make people from the world migrate here for a better and brighter future.
How To Plan Weddings in 2020 what is the best thing to do? If you are already together as a couple this might not be such a pickle.
One of the recent trends in the wedding industry in Montreal is cross-culture weddings. Canada is an immigrant society and the recent influx of South Asian immigrants is huge which obviously has resulted in a lot of desi weddings in Canada in a mixed cultural setting. According to a recent official report, more than 50% of new …
2019 saw a lot of clothing and decor trends in the wedding industry including colorful wedding gowns, dried flowers and favourite pets being part of the wedding celebrations. For a complete list of recent and upcoming trends please read this article: Wedding Trends in 2020 by Anna Price Olson.
Organizing a wedding is not an easy process as it includes a lot of loose ends to tie together. Whilst some of these tasks may be handled at any point, some tasks are time-sensitive.
4 reasons why you should hire wedding planner for your wedding even it could be more expensive for your. Read in this blog.
Choosing the right Wedding Theme is not as easy as picking the right dress for a prom night. It could be challenging and a little help doesn’t hurt anyone.

The Wedding Dos & Donts

A wedding can be overwhelming and for most of us, it is the first time! There are so many questions to answer! what to do, what not to do, how to behave and how to put up a good show.