Picking a wedding theme is not as easy as picking the right dress for a prom night. It could be a little challenging and a little help right there doesn’t hurt anyone.
So what are the most important things to consider?

1) Venue

The venue in terms of ambiance is very important. If you find a venue that you love but it doesn’t work with your colors and theme, you will end with a mismatch that will affect not only the feel but also the videography done on the day.

2) Go with the season

The theme of your wedding is also affected by the month of the year. The summer season has its own colors and so does autumn and winter. Shades of pink, yellow and orange are good for a spring wedding while whites and pastel blues should be used for summer. Keep colors mostly dark and dory for the winter.

3) Research is the key

In today’s world, everything is on the internet. The best way to come up with a good choice of theme is research. Whilst researching it is also important to keep the cultural backgrounds in check. What may be a very good theme for an Italian wedding might not be suitable for an Indian event where color themes are more vibrant traditionally.

4) Take help of the color wheel

In order to understand colors, you don’t really have to be an art school graduate. On a color wheel, typically colors that go well together are ones that are opposites because they pair a cool and warm shade together for eg. orange and sky blue. Other color pairings that work are ‘neighbors’. They’re similar to each other and share a primary color (yellow and orange). So in other words, both matching and contrast work as long as colors are paired together smartly.

5) Budget & Costs

Options and choices are endless but eventually, all comes down to budget and cost. Some themes and colors will be more expensive. For eg., an exotic theme will be costlier than a regular formal theme. So choose your theme wisely!

6) Don’t overdo

Now, this is a no-brainer. A lot of times some people tend to overdo the whole décor and theme. They will try to infuse themes and make the wedding multi-color and even involve things or settings that belong more to an amusement park. Don’t be that couple. It is always better to be simple, happy and authentic.

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