How to organize Office Christmas Party

How to organize Office Christmas Party

The Office Christmas Party is an event where organizations big and small spend a lot of time and money. It is a great opportunity for the employer to give something back to their hard-working employees on a voluntary basis.

What started off as a generous gesture by a few has become more of a norm over the years. Every organisation now tries to celebrate this beautiful occasion with their employees one way or the other.

The traditional office Christmas party includes a lavish dinner with drinks and if the venue permits, a dance party as well. Other versions of celebration include a company Bar BQ just before the holiday season.

As a Dj in Montreal I have attended various such events and what has been trending recently are Christmas Party games. This is another attempt by Christmas party organisers to add some fun to the event and make sure that everyone from the company CEO to the janitor are involved and having a good time.

Other Christmas party ideas include door entry prizes, raffles, games involving competitions which are usually a great hit because of the fun factor involved in such as activity.

Some organisations who do not get a chance at the office Christmas party usually end up following the New Year’s eve traditions. This is another great night to have an extravagant event on a format of your choice.

Most restaurants and wedding halls are over-booked and in fact charge their clients a premium for the New Year’s eve. To avoid the booking rush and over-paying some companies choose to have a New Year’s party somewhere between Christmas and New Year.

It makes sense to take advantage of the weekend that usually falls between these two dates.

Christmas 2020 or New Year’s Eve 2021 will not see any of these exciting events unfortunately and we will miss them. However, we remain strong and look forward to the next time around. Happy holidays!

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