Equipment Required To Start New DJ Business

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  • Post published:August 5, 2020
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Equipment Required To Start New DJ Business

Start New DJ business

I want to be the best wedding Dj in Montreal so what do I need to do? The thing is the procurement of equipment that’s doesn’t break your bank.

Some tips I can share from my experience. I started off as a Wedding Dj in Montreal and like everyone else I want to be the best Dj in Montreal and the first thing that comes to mind is the quality of equipment.

The Dj business is categorized into many niches and whilst a Dj can play any event there are a lot of areas to specialize in. For example, you could be a specialist Wedding Dj or a Corporate Dj which is a slightly different line of business.

Sound System

Ask a Punjabi Dj or a Bhangra Dj and they will always have a good base system to support their already powerful speakers. If you have ever been to a Punjabi party you would know that the base is an essential part of the Bhangra Dj music.


My recommendation: buy only what you need. Mixers can range from very basic to very premium. Whilst a regular Wedding Dj an afford to use the low-end mixer, a Corporate Dj will mostly settle for a high-end one. Most Indian Djs I know also do live shows and to connect other musical instruments like Keyboard and Guitar, you need to have a premium Mixer with multi-channels.


Always have ample backups; they don’t cost much!


There is a common misconception that DJs need to provide Lightning equipment as well. This is an option rather than a compulsion. Many Wedding Djs and Corporate Djs provide Lightning service either through a reference or part of their packages. I have been a Dj in Montreal and do all sorts of events including Indian Weddings and Punjabi Weddings. I don’t have lighting equipment and no one has asked me to provide some either.

All in all, it is imperative to have a balance in your investment towards equipment. You can’t be cheap and you cannot be spending a fortune either. Remember, the most important investment is yet to come … marketing!!

The author is a Dj operating in Montreal as DjD and specializes in the Fusion form of music. Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, EDM, Bollywood Dj, Indian Dj, Pakistani Dj, Punjabi Dj and Bhangra Dj music is their forte. They also perform as Corporate Dj & Private Party Dj.