Different Genres of Music

Different Genres of Music
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What are the different Genres of Music?

Last year, we were playing at an Indian Wedding Dj party when a very angry groom walked up to the Dj booth and said ‘Hey why do I hear so much Drake & Cardi B when I clearly asked you to stick to Hip Hop on the dance floor! Could we have some Daddy Yankee & David Guetta please!!

The Dj in me wanted to snap back with something like: Dude, Drake & Cardi B. are the leading Hip Hop artists and Daddy Yankee is Reggaeton and … and may be you need to update your musical knowledge.

But the entrepreneur in me took over as always, smiled and said sure, you got it. After that, whenever we meet couples for a pre-wedding Dj discussion, we make sure we are on the same page.

There is a huge mis-conception when it comes to different genres of knowledge. As a Wedding Dj we play many different kinds of weddings including Indian Wedding Dj, Punjabi Wedding Dj and English Wedding Dj.

With more and more inter-cultural weddings, the demographic mix on the dance floor is a challenge for most Wedding Djs and this is where DjD comes up with their expertise on mixing different genres of music ranging from Hip Hop to Punjabi Bhangra.

Here is a snapshot of some of the most popular music genres and their leading artists:

picture of popular music artist
most popular music genres and their leading artists

The author is a Dj operating in Montreal as DjD and specializes in the Fuzion form of music. Dj Services include Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, EDM, Bollywood Dj, Indian Dj, Pakistani Dj, Punjabi Dj and Bhangra Dj music is their forte. They also perform as Corporate Dj & Private Party Dj.

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